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Top 9 Things To Do in Barcelona Spain (One Day Itinerary)

Updated: Mar 8

Top 9 Things To Do in Barcelona Spain (One Day Itinerary)

We know travel time is precious, and that sometimes there are just too many things to do on your bucket list than time allows. Although we recommend spending 4-5 days in Barcelona, below outlines the highlights of this great city, easily completed in just 24 hours.

Morning in Barcelona

[conveniently located near our recommended Barcelona hostels]

1. Grab some breakfast at Picnic

Picnic is an exceptional place to enjoy a delicious bunch. We recommend trying their amazing huevos rancheros. Huevos rancheros is a breakfast dish that consists of fried eggs served on corn/flour tortillas topped with pico de gallo. A delicious breakfast with generous portions, Picnic is a wonderful place to start your day in Barcelona.

Try: the local favorite, huevos rancheros!

Top 9 Things To Do in Barcelona Spain (One Day Itinerary)


2. Head to La Sagrada Familia, booking a morning slot ahead of time

Hours: Daily 9am-6pm

You will want to buy your entrance ticket/audio guide at least a month in advance to ensure the attraction is not booked during your stay. This is one of the most popular attractions in Barcelona and is truly an incredible Basilica. Designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, this unfinished temple has been under construction for the past 135 years and is expected to be completed in 2026.

Gaudí's architectural style is very unique with remarkable attention to detail. Make sure to plan sufficient amount of time to explore the ins and outs of La Sagrada Familia (roughly 1-2 hours).

Tickets: €20 (book at least a month in advance)

3. Continue your Barcelona art tour at Park Güell

Continuing the appreciation of Gaudí's art, Park Güell is another one of Barcelona's most famous attractions. A public park atop Carmel Hill that Gaudí used as his canvas to create gardens and sculptures throughout. His exceptional use of color accents the motif of the park which overlooks the city for spectacular views. In order to reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site of his significant mosaics pictured below, admission is €10. However, you can roam the remainder of this park free of charge.

J&L Recommended: A must-visit with incredible city views!

Top 9 Things To Do in Barcelona Spain (One Day Itinerary)

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Afternoon in Barcelona

4. Grab a delicious sandwich at Bo De B

Bo De B is a true hidden gem! Great sandwiches, great atmosphere, & great prices. We ate here multiple times during our trip and even stopped on our way out of town to grab a meal for the airport.

J&L Favorite: quick, easy meal!

5. Enjoy a tasty brew at Black Lab Brewery

Recommended Brew: The Sour Lady (Fruited Berliner Weisse Sour- 4.2% ABV)

Need a drink that will throw a curve ball at your taste buds? This gold medal winner at the '17 Barcelona Beer Challenge can help. This is a refreshing sour that will get you through a hot Barcelona summer day. The Sour Lady is a light, fruity, and acidic treat that is packed with raspberries. BlackLab Brewhouse & Kitchen is also a good spot to unwind with some foods as well as brews.

Top 9 Things To Do in Barcelona Spain (One Day Itinerary)


6. Head to the beautiful Barcelona beach, Platja de Sant Miquel

Soak up the sunshine and dig your toes in the sand at this relaxing beach! If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, you surely can not leave out a stop at the beach. Platja de Sant Miquel is clean, easy to get to, and has plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a slice of paradise.

Tip: get here early in the day to avoid the crowds

Evening in Barcelona

7. Admire the beautiful architecture of the Catedral de Barcelona

Catedral de Barcelona is a 14th century Gothic cathedral in the heart of Barcelona. With its breathtaking architecture and even more magnificently ornate inside, be sure to stop by and admire the beauty of the Barcelona Cathedral. With its central location, you should have multiple chances to gaze upon its immaculate beauty.

Top 9 Things To Do in Barcelona Spain (One Day Itinerary)


8. Enjoy an authentic dinner at Bosque Palermo

When in Spain, the dish to try is definitely Paella. Paella is a Spanish rice dish that originated in Valencia, Spain. Bosque Palermo is a great option for some authentic paella. The dishes take about 45 min to prepare, but are worth the wait and large enough portions to share!

Try: Paella is a must-try food in Barcelona

Top 9 Things To Do in Barcelona Spain (One Day Itinerary)


9. End your day in Barcelona with a Tapas Tour

Tickets: €20 Adult; €18 Students

This is a fun 3-hour evening tour hosted by Sandemans that allows you to experience a variety of Spanish Tapas (small plates/appetizers), meet fellow travelers, and learn about the culture. Our favorite part was learning how to drink from a traditional Spanish porrón. It is much more difficult then it looks! Price: €20 Adult; €18 Students

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More time?

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Happy Adventuring!


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