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Amsterdam, Netherlands: Must Try Foods

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

If you are looking to eat like a local when in Amsterdam, there are three key foods you should add to your list! Complete with our top recommendations of restaurants to find authentic favorites, the below outlines foods you cannot miss when traveling to Amsterdam!

1. Bitterballen (Croquettes)

Bitterballen is deep fried, bread crumbed, Dutch meatballs generally eaten to soak up large quantities of beer. They are typically eaten as appetizers or pub food and you will be able to find them at many locations throughout Amsterdam. They are also known as croquettes (kroket), which is technically a larger version of bitterballen but essentially the same thing.

To try an authentic and tasty bitterballen, we recommend heading to Eetsalon van Dobben. This is a truly authentic Dutch restaurant, opened in 1945, and offers a full menu of affordably priced Dutch cuisines. They serve their croquettes on a brioche bun with a crisp outside and soft, creamy inside. Stop by for a quick snack, or a full meal!

Another favorite is Cafe Hoppe, a historic pub dating back to 1670. As one of Amsterdam's oldest Cafe's, this is worth a stop not only to take a walk through history, but to pair some delicious noms and brews together. Cafe Hoppe is a must if you are looking to meet some locals, grab some excellent quality local tap beer, and try their superb bitterballen. It has become a favorite to many due to its unique atmosphere, diverse crowds, and authentic feel.

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2. Poffertjes (Dutch Pancakes)

Traditional Dutch pancakes are called poffertjes. They are a battered treat resembling small, fluffy pancakes and are typically served with powdered sugar and melted butter as a dessert or snack.