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Best Fudge on Mackinac Island Michigan

Updated: Apr 5

Best Fudge on Mackinac Island

Fun Fact

A "Fudgie" is a tourist or visitor who travels to Mackinac Island to buy fudge. It's okay, you're not the only Fudgie out there. Over 10 tons of sugar are imported to Mackinac Island weekly which creates around five tons of fudge daily during peak season. So what makes Mackinac Island Fudge so special? It all started with a candy shop and a sweettooth.

Why is there so much fudge on Mackinac Island?

History from MackinacIsland.Org

As Mackinac island became a place for tourist and vacationers, people started to look for sweets to indulge in while visiting. Originally, tourists indulged in maple sugar harvested by Native Americans. However, in the 1880's the Murdick family opened up the very first candy shop on the island. This candy shop was unique in that it allowed customers to watch their candy being made. Murdick's was also the very first to make their fudge on marble slabs, which gives the fudge a unique flavor and allows customers to watch fudge being made.

With the popularity of this new style of fudge-making, Murdick began to get competition on the island and the fudge scene began to grow. During the Great Depression, business began to struggle and Murdick decided to use a fan to blow the scent of fudge into the streets of Mackinac. After World War II business started booming again and visitors coming to the island for fudge grew in numbers. Today, Mackinac Island has gained much popularity for their style of fudge, attracting visitors near and far, and constantly innovating with new flavors to keep them coming back.