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About J&L

Our aim is to offer affordable travel guides highlighting the best 'Noms, Brews & Views' across the globe. While our guides are budget-friendly, it doesn't mean we're endorsing the cheapest options. Instead, we focus on bringing you value for every dollar you invest in your travel time.


Outdoor Gear Pro

Hello there! I'm someone who absolutely loves planning down to the last detail, especially when it comes to traveling. With every journey I prepare for, I find myself daydreaming more and more, my longing for exploration growing bigger and bigger – just one of the many signs of a true travel enthusiast! And I don't just love experiencing the world, I love capturing it too. I'm always refining my photography skills, trying to perfectly immortalize every moment. When I'm not out on an adventure, you'll find me in my professional role as an outdoor gear buyer, a job I've been doing for over nine years. I'm pretty proud of my expertise in outdoor gear and I love the chance to test out new products on my travels.

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Runner & Trithelete

Heyo! I'm a spirited explorer who simply loves language, history, and arts—yes, I'm that person who reads every single plaque! When I travel, I thrive on spontaneous adventures, discovering exotic foods, and sipping on the latest craft beers. When I'm not wandering the globe or working my day job, you'll find me running, biking, and swimming, always prepping for the next big race or triathlon.

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Why Noms Brews & Views?

We travel for local cuisines
We travel for local craft beers
Meet the creators behind Noms Brews & Views




Food appreciation is a universal sentiment that links us to people and cultures worldwide. Sampling new dishes is a way to delve into unfamiliar cultures and develop a broader understanding of global cuisine. We tend to favor quick bites during our travels, which lets us savor local flavors while ensuring we have ample time for our subsequent adventures.

Exploring diverse beers is one of our cherished interests. Our enthusiasm lies in understanding the unique beers from around the globe. We make it a priority to sample local craft brews in various cities worldwide, echoing our fondness for exploring new cuisines: it's a window into foreign cultures, traditions, and histories. Our area of expertise is identifying sublime happy hours, either at a dining establishment or savoring a local brew with a picturesque view.

We are enthusiasts of adventure, avid hikers, and experienced backpackers. We find fulfillment in constantly moving and exploring new terrains. We deeply admire nature and always incorporate outdoor activities into our trips. . After all, doesn't sipping a cold beer feel even more delightful when you're taking in the view from the top of a mountain?

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