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Who's Justin?

Heyo! I would describe myself as a spontaneous adventurer who loves to learn about language, history, and the arts (I am a major plaque-reader!) While traveling, I love picking out fun activities on the fly, discovering foreign cuisines, and sipping on an experimental craft beer.

Who's Lindsay?

Hey! I would describe myself as a planner. I like to pre-plan high-level details for every trip which lead to day-dreaming and wanderlust (if there's a such thing as a travel-nerd, that's me!) While traveling, I love taking photos and learning new techniques to perfect the art of photography.

This is Noms Brews & Views

Hi! We're J&L, two Michiganders with adventurous souls looking to explore the beauties and wonders of this spectacular world. Our mission is to provide you with budget-friendly itineraries that inspire and encourage you to get outside, eat delicious foods, and enjoy high-quality brews. Ultimately, there are three key ingredients to any amazing trip:

Noms, Brews, & Views


Our mission is to provide you with budget-friendly travel guides of the top Noms Brews & Views in places around the world. Providing budget travel guides does not necessarily mean that we suggest the cheapest options. Rather, we strive to maximize the use of the dollar spent per minute traveling.

What does that mean?

We understand that travel time is limited and precious, which is why we pre-plan every detail of our trip in order to optimize our limited vacatio
n time. Pre-planning allows us to find deals on transportation, lodging, and even activities. We find deals that allow us to go on the trip we envisioned, without paying the sticker price. But we know that planning every detail and searching for deals is not everyone's cup of tea. This is why we have developed our Travel Guides, Cheat Sheets, and Mobile Maps, allowing all NBV readers to maximize their vacation budget on a remarkable adventure.

The outline of our guides follow the three key elements that we have identified as the foundation of our trips: Noms, Brews & Views. Hover over the below images to learn more about how these three ingredients became the recipe for an extraordinary adventure!

Why Noms Brews & Views?


Who doesn't love food? Love of food is something that connects us to people and cultures all across the world.  Trying new food helps to immerse ourselves into a new culture and discover new appreciations for foreign cuisines. We preference quick-bites on our travels, allowing us to experience local cuisine while leaving enough time for our next adventure.


Trying new beers is one of our favorite hobbies. Learning about the different beers around the world is our passion. We like to make a point of trying the local craft brews in cities around the world for the same reason we love trying new foods: to discover foreign cultures, traditions, & history. We specialize in seeking out a good happy hour, whether at a restaurant or by cracking open a local brew with a view.


We are adventure-seekers, hikers, and backpackers. We are not content staying in one place for too long. We have an appreciation for nature and prioritize outdoor activities on all of our excursions. Besides, doesn't a cold beer taste so much better when cracked open on a mountain top?

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Working With Us

We are open to partner with any brands that align with our mission.

Please contact us should you be interested in viewing our Media Kit.

Brands We Have Partnered With

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Happy Adventuring!


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