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Europe Travel Guide: The Ultimate 2-Week Trip

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Table of Contents







Europe Travel Itinerary

We recommend starting your trip in Ireland and Scotland for two reasons. First, they are both English-speaking countries that will allow you to ease your way into European culture with a familiar language. Second, since Ireland is the hub for budget airline RyanAir, you will be able to catch an affordable flight to your next destination within Europe.

Day 1-2: Dublin Ireland

Beauty, history, and a lively atmosphere, Dublin is home to world class galleries, museums, and cultural attractions. Flights to Dublin are usually affordable from major US cities, which makes this destination a great place to start your trip.

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Dublin Day Trip: Cliffs of Moher

These towering cliffs are arguably one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Ireland. They have been featured in movies such as Harry Potter, The Princess Bride, Leap Year and countless others. Stretching roughly 5 miles long with heights just over 700 feet, the Cliffs of Moher is home to many flora, fauna, and numerous birds species. Cliffs of Moher makes for an easy day trip from Dublin (just over 3 hours one way by car) and is best paired with seeing some of the quaint country-side towns that surround County Clare on the west side of Ireland.

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Before leaving Dublin be sure to try some of the local foods, such as bangers and mash from The Brazen Head or fish and chips from Leo Burdocks. A trip to Dublin is also not complete without tasting the best pint of Guinness you will ever taste.

Where to stay in Dublin

We recommend staying near Temple Bar/Trinity College area. For budget travelers, we recommend Jacob's Hostel. You can also find great deals on hotels here.

Day 3-5: Edinburgh Scotland

Catch a quick RyanAir flight to Edinburgh. Arrive in Scotland, the land of amazing architecture, magnificent castles, dramatic landscapes, and refreshing freshwater lakes. Discover the nation's lore, ghostly past, and medieval traditions in Edinburgh.

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No trip to Scotland is complete without trying some haggis (if you dare!) and enjoying a tasty brew at Brewdog.

Where to stay in Edinburgh

We recommend staying near Grassmarket Square as it is central to all of the top sites in Edinburgh. For budget travelers, we recommend Kick Ass Grassmarket. You can also find great deals on hotels here.

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Day 6-9: Berlin Germany

Catch a quick flight to Berlin Germany. Germany is home to magnificent scenery, lively festivals, exciting nightlife and arguably some of the best beer. Discover the ornate palaces, dramatic history, and delectable foods with a trip to the country's capitol of Berlin.

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Berlin Day Trip: Potsdam

With palaces and royal parks that have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Potsdam was the home to Prussian kings and German Kaisers. Today, the city is dazzling with charming garden landscapes and elaborate palace museums that can easily be explored as a day trip from Berlin.

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No trip to Berlin is complete without trying some sausages, sauerkraut, and potato dumplings at Hackethals. We also recommend enjoying a traditional German stein of beer at Hofbräu Wirtshaus Berlin.

Where to stay in Berlin

You cannot go wrong staying anywhere between Mitte & Kreuzberg. The public transportation in Berlin is EXCELLENT. Therefore, being close to a U-Bahn or S-Bahn is the most important part about picking your lodging location. For budget travelers, we recommend Generator Hostel. You can also find great deals on hotels here.

Day 10-14: Barcelona Spain

Catch a quick flight to Barcelona Spain. Tiled mosaics around every corner, elaborate gothic churches, and hilltop city views, Spain is a stunning destination. No trip is complete without sampling a few tapas and sipping from a traditional porrón.

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Barcelona Day Trip: Montserrat

There is nothing more rewarding than hiking to the summit of a mountain that allows you to feel higher than the clouds. If not for the amazing hiking opportunities, Montserrat is also home to many religious attractions. Montserrat can be easily accessed as a day trip from Barcelona.

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While in Barcelona, be sure to try traditional paella from Bosque Palermo and sample a variety of tapas. Sip a few brews at Edge Brewing or Barcelona Beer Company.

Where to stay in Barcelona

We recommend staying in Gothic Quarter, El Born, or El Raval. For budget travelers, we recommend Itaca Hostel. You can also find great deals on hotels here.


Heading Home

On your 14th day in Europe, you will be starting your journey back home. You will either fly back to Dublin if a round-trip flight was purchased, or fly out of Barcelona if two single-trip tickets were purchased (check both options to see which is more affordable!)

If looking for lodging near the Dublin airport, we highly recommend staying in the quaint town of Swords.

Getting to Europe

Our favorite tools for discovering affordable flights to Europe are GoogleFlights and Scotts Cheap Flights. Both are free to use and allow you to create alerts for your destinations.

Word of Advice: buy your flight tickets in a different browser than the one you used to research prices. Cookies track your searches and some airlines are known for increasing your price on returning inquiries.


Getting Around Europe

Unlike most American metropolitan areas that require a car to get around with ease, European cities have excellent networks of public transportation. With options for metros, trams, trains, and buses, we have found public transportation to be the easiest, most efficient, and cost effective way of traveling through Europe.

The best tool we utilize for pre-planning and on-the-go travel in Europe is Rome2Rio. With Rome2Rio you can assess real-time directions, estimated travel time, and estimated costs.

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Best Time to Visit Europe

For most western European cities, the best time to visit are on the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. This allows for pleasant temperatures with minimal crowds. Our ideal months for traveling Europe are between April - May and September - October.


Where to stay in Europe

For budget travelers, we recommend staying at a hostel. Hostels are a great way to meet fellow travelers, as well as, stay in a prime location to top sights without paying top dollar. An additional affordable option for lodging in Europe is reserving an Airbnb.

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What to Pack for a 2 Week Europe Trip

Despite what you may think, packing for a trip to Europe requires a slight variation in the items you may pack for a trip within the US. Below are a list of the essential items to consider adding to your luggage:

  • International Adaptor - adapt your power plugs for both Europe (2 prong) and the UK (3 prong)

  • Clothesline - you will not find dryers in the average European lodging. Therefore, if you plan on doing your laundry or getting caught in the rain, you will want to bring some clothesline to hang-dry your clothes.

  • Lock for Luggage & Hostel Security - if you plan on staying in a Hostel, make sure to bring a lock to secure your belongings in shared-spaces.

Looking for affordable International Data?

Want to avoid roaming charges and $10/day international data fees? Airalo allows you to download an e-SIM to your phone and activate while in Europe for a very affordable price. We bought 3 GB of data valid for 30 days from activation for only $7. It worked great throughout our entire trip and was very easy to install. Airalo offers e-SIMs all around the world and we can validate that it works with ease in multiple European countries.

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Happy Adventuring!


Travel Planning Resources

Below are the resources we use to plan all of our trips, find great deals, and pack our bags with affordable gear. We received a small kickback whenever you purchase something through a link on our site. But rest assured, there is no additional cost to you. In fact, in some cases you even get a greater discount for shopping through NBV! A Win, Win!

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