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Complimentary Travel Resources

To thank you for being an NBV reader, we would like to provide you with complimentary travel resources to help your trip go smoothly. We have compiled our recommendations for the very best Noms, Brews & Views in places around the world, easily accessible at your fingertips.

cheat shees

Cheat Sheets

You have likely used our Travel Guides to help narrow down the top things to do in your upcoming travels. Just as important as finding the top things to do at your destination, is how to pair them all together. Our cheat sheets outline the top activities in a way that minimizes logistics and maximizes your limited vacation time.


We save all of our cheat sheets in a GoogleDrive folder for our upcoming travels. This is a sustainable alternative to printing, and a great way to ensure your cheat sheet is with you at all times! Download your documents offline prior to your trip if traveling internationally or to a location with minimal cellular service.

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Offline Mobile Guides

Offline Maps

Our mobile guides act as the perfect pair to our cheat sheets. We have outlined the top things to do, placed to eat, and breweries to taste in destinations across North America and Europe. All of our recommendations are pinned to a shared GoogleMaps, allowing you to view our pins and personalized descriptions on your own GoogleMaps account. Adding and removing our pins is simple, and outlined step-by-step in a tutorial guide that is sent to your email along with our free maps.


If you are a visual person, these mobile guides are for you! Seeing where things are located is the ideal way to minimize logistics and maximize your time while traveling. For those of you travelling internationally, or to a destination with minimal cellular service, our pins are also visible via GoogleMap's offline feature

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Packing Lists

Packing Lists

Our packing lists help provide peace of mind, knowing you did not forget anything crucial when packing for your next trip within North America and Europe. The below packing lists outline the items that we bring with us on every trip, including  necessary items, precautionary items, and general items that may aid in the overall enjoyment of our travels. If you are missing any of our recommended items, we have also provided a list of our favorite budget travel products within each packing list.

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