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Camping Hacks

Updated: Apr 4

Camping is usually associated with a 1-star lodging experience of sleeping on the ground and peeing in the woods. However, we are here to share with you our favorite camping hacks to turn this 1-star experience into one for the memory books. Granted, you will still be sleeping on the ground and likely peeing in the woods. However, with our camping hacks, we hope to inspire a new appreciation for lodging primitively in the great outdoors.

Table of Contents

Picking a Site

In order to have a quality outdoor experience, there are three key elements we look for when reserving a campsite ahead of our trip:

  1. Seclusion: How far is the site from other campsites? Are there trees and vegetation surrounding the site? We also look to see if there is a lake, river, or stream campsite option!

  2. Size of Campsite: Most booking sites will give the square feet of the site you are booking. Not all campsites at a campground are the same size, therefore, be sure to look at the square feet of your options to get the most space and seclusion while camping.

  3. Reviews: We look for reviews of the campground & sites before selecting our ideal campsite to reserve. A great site for researching reviews and amenities at American Parks is The Dyrt. We also use for reviews, photos, and reservations of American National Parks.

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