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Potsdam, Germany: Day Trip from Berlin

Updated: Jan 4

With palaces and royal parks that have been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Potsdam was the home to Prussian kings and German Kaisers. Today, the city is dazzling with charming garden landscapes and elaborate palace museums that can easily be explored as a day trip from Berlin.

Getting There

Although outside the city of Berlin, buying the Zone ABC metro pass will allow you to easily access these Potsdam palaces from Berlin metros. Plan about an hour of transportation time each way.



We recommended the One Day Sanssouci Pass, which is €19 online or €21 at the door. We did not find it necessary to buy online ahead of time as the lines were manageable and time slots desired available.

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New Palace

The New Palace, located on the west side of the gardens, is absolutely breathtaking. Our favorite rooms were the shell room (over a quarter million seashells decorating the walls), and the upstairs ballroom.

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Between the Palaces

The grounds between the New Palace and Sanssouci Palace are far more than just a means of walking between the two. With additional palaces such as, the palace King Frederick IV built for his son, the Chinese House, and the palace the king built for his sister, take your time and plan sufficient time to explore the garden landscapes of Potsdam.


Sanssouci Palace

When purchasing the One Day Sanssouci Pass, you will be required to book a time slot at the Sanssouci Palace. Sanssouci has 12 intricately designed rooms, each with its own beauty and purpose. Built by the Prussian King Frederik the Great as his summer palace, do not miss out on this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Potsdam Town

Once you have explored the palaces of Potsdam, be sure to check out the downtown village of Potsdam. The quaint town of Potsdam is a lovely place to grab a bite to eat before heading back to Berlin.

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Happy Adventuring!


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