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Hey! We are two Michiganders with adventurous souls looking to explore the beauties and wonders of this spectacular world. Our mission is to provide you with budget-friendly itineraries that inspire and encourage you to get outside, eat delicious foods, and enjoy high-quality brews. Ultimately, there are three key ingredients to any amazing trip: 

Noms, Brews, & Views.

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The Best Craft Brews of Europe

Updated: Jan 19

Trying new beers is one of our favorite hobbies. Learning about the different beers around the world is our passion. We like to make a point of trying the local craft brews in cities around the world for the same reason we love trying new foods: to discover foreign cultures, traditions, & history. The below list of brews is compiled from our research and taste buds. We hope you enjoy these tasty brews while traveling as much as we did!

Table of Contents

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Barcelona, Spain

Berlin, Germany

Brussels, Belgium

Dublin, Ireland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Prague, Czech Republic

Santorini/Athens, Greece

Vienna, Austria

Amsterdam - Proost!

1. IJ Brewery

Recommended Brew: IJwit (Wheat Beer-Witbier 6.5% ABV)

Brouwerij't IJ is a beautiful brewery in a quaint location alongside Holland's tallest wooden windmill, De Gooyer. There are short tours offered. Do not forgot to grab one of their tasty food platters and bar snacks with your brew of choice. We recommend the IJwit, which is a full-bodied Amsterdam wheat beer that is slightly cloudy with a golden color and a soft, foamy head. This has a slightly sweet aftertaste and will definitely delight the senses.

Unique Experience: Enjoy some brews alongside Holland's tallest wooden windmill

2. Troost Brewery

Recommended Brew: Honey Blonde (Honey Beer 7% ABV)

Troost is a local brewery that offers a large selection of brews with a terrace outside to enjoy good weather. Their honey beer is a nice and soft organic blonde that has lots of honey flavor without being too sweet. A delicious option to expand your beer palate.

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3. Oedipus Brewing

Recommended Brew: Mannenliefde (Farmhouse Ale- Saison 6% ABV)

A hip and trendy atmosphere, amazing burgers, fantastic selection of beers, and nice music. What more could you need? We recommend their farmhouse ale which is a saison flavored with Szechuan pepper, lemon grass, and Sorachi Ace hops.

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4. De Prael Brewery

Recommended Brew: Tripel (Belgian Tripel 7.5% ABV)

De Prael is a great place to sample a flight and try one of their many options. It is hidden in an alley downtown, however, be sure not to miss this local watering hole. The tripel is De Prael's flagship beer. It is made according to the Belgian tradition with coriander as the main ingredient to make this slightly sweet and spicy drink.

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5. Heineken Experience's Heineken (Euro Pale Lager 5% ABV)

Heineken is a highly recognized macro brew that is available all over the world. Heineken is a golden colored drink that is light and easy to consume. We recommend checking out the Heineken Experience!


Barcelona - ¡Salud!

1. Edge Brewing

Recommended Brew: Hoptimista IPA (6.6% ABV)

This West Coast bold IPA has plenty of hops to inject full flavor with its fruit and pine aroma. The brewery is open to the public for tours and tastings by reservation only. Edge Brewing's beers have started to even emerge in California and Flordia's craft brew scene.

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2. Barcelona Beer Company

Recommened Brew: La Niña Barbuda (English Brown Ale-7% ABV)

La Niña Barbuda is a noteworthy Brown Ale with the taste of toasted malt and notes of coffee, caramel, dark chocolate and nuts. Barcelona Beer Company may be outside the heart of the city, but it is sure worth a stop to taste some quality craft beers.


3. Garage Beer Co

Recommended Brew: Soup IPA (New England IPA - 6% ABV)

Soup IPA is yet another tasty IPA that has fresh aromas of tropical fruits and citrus. Not too bitter, allowing this beverage to be sipped frequently. We highly recommend checking out their taproom which has a vibrant atmosphere and a large variety of beers to choose from. Great vibes here!

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4. Black Lab Brewery

Recommended Brew: The Sour Lady (Fruited Berliner Weisse Sour- 4.2% ABV)

Need a drink that will throw a curve ball at your taste buds? This gold medal winner at the '17 Barcelona Beer Challenge can help. This is a refreshing sour that will get you through a hot Barcelona summer day. The Sour Lady is a light, fruity, and acidic treat that is packed with raspberries. BlackLab Brewhouse & Kitchen is also a good spot to unwind with some foods as well as brews.

5. La Mes Petita

Albert Sanchís is the chemical industrial engineer who made his dream of becoming a master brewer a reality. Translated as 'the smallest', La Mes Petita is a tiny place that has room for fewer than 10 people, but also has seating outside to enjoy nice weather. It has 8 beers on tap which change frequently. We definitely recommend for brew enthusiasts!

Berlin - Prost!

1. Eschenbräu Brewery

Recommended Brew: PankeGold (Pale Ale- 5.1% ABV)

Eschenbräu brews all of your German favorites ranging from the Hefeweizen to the Dunkel. Tucked away in a courtyard, this is an excellent place to spend the afternoon or evening. The atmosphere is laid back and you can even bring your own food. We recommend the PankeGold Pale Ale. Its refreshing citrus notes will delight the taste buds.


2. Straßenbräu Brewery

Recommended Brew: NB 30 IPA (American IPA- 6.6% ABV)

Straßenbräu is a hip and eclectic brewery with comfortable, cozy seating. They offer tours and options to sample multiple beers. We recommend their NB 30 IPA. This is a full-bodied tropical delight, however, don't stop here as there are plenty more options to try inside.

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3. Hops & Barley Brewery

Recommended Brew: Friedichshainer Weizen (Hefeweizen- 5.2% ABV)

An exceptional place to stop for a drink before dinner. It is usually a little crowded but worth it to try some fresh German beers. We recommend their Hefeweizen, a light wheat beer that goes down easy.


4. Vagabund Brauerei

Recommended Brew: "Jo's Salted Stout" (Oatmeal Stout- 5.9% ABV)

Vagabund Brauerei is a cozy brewery that you somehow can always find a seat to "squeeze" into. They have quite a range of tasty IPA's, but we want to highlight their oatmeal stout. This full bodied stout has a sweet start that consists of subtle roasty and caramel notes with a slight salty finish. Don't miss out if you are a craft brew lover like us.

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5. Hofbräu Wirtshaus Berlin

No particular beers that we will recommend here but we mention this beer hall for their range of authentic German brews and great food. A great place to experience the Bavarian lifestyle with live music and service from waitresses in costume. The long tables (think Oktoberfest) are a great way to meet other tourists and locals.

J&L Recommended: amazing atmosphere!

Brussels - Proost!

1. Brasserie Cantillon

Recommended Brew: Crazy 'Foune (Fruit Lambic 5% ABV

Brasserie Cantillon Brewery is a small and local family brewery. The brewery became immediately popular for its lambic beers when it was founded in 1900 by Paul Cantillon. A true lambic beer is a type of beer brewed both in an area southwest of Brussels, and in Brussels itself, since the 13th century. What makes lambic beers unique is that it is fermented through exposure to bacteria and wild yeasts native to the Zenne valley. Typically most beers are fermented through exposure to carefully cultivated strains of brewer's yeast. Lambic beers have a distinct dry, wine, and cidery flavor with a tart aftertaste. We recommend giving Crazy 'Foune a try!

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2. Brussel Beer Project

Recommended Brew: Delta IPA (Belgian IPA 6.5% ABV)

BBP is younger brewery that was started by Olivier & Sébastien in 2013. They recommend trying one of their core 5 beers along with their 2 experimental brews rotated each week. They even offer homebrewing kit so you can brew your own Delta IPA, Grosse Bertha, and Wunder Lager! We recommend the Delta IPA that is made with aromatic hops and saison yeast. It is dry and pleasantly bitter.


3. Brasserie de la Senne

Recommended Brew: Jambe-de Bois (Belgian Tripel 8% ABV)

Brasserie de la Senne is a recent start up that is helping pioneer the Beligan craft brew scene. There is plenty of space inside with a long bar and terrace outside. Their Jambe-de Bois is a full bodied blonde and cooper colored beer. It has a ripe banana scent with a subtle blend of aromatic hops. The malt dominates the taste with a delicate bitterness.

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4. La Source Beer Company

Recommended Brew: La Meute (New England IPA 6.5% ABV)

La Source is a cozy and modern microbrewery that is definitely worth checking out. La Source has an excellent craft beer selection, relaxed atmosphere, and friendly staff. A less crowded alternative to Brussel Beer Project. La Meute is a tropical hazy IPA that will delight the senses.


5. Nanobrasserie de L'Ermitage

Recommended Brew: Lanterne (American Pale Ale 5.5% ABV)

L'Ermitage is an fun and local place to casually enjoy a drink with a bar snack on the side. We recommend their beer tasting that allows you to sample 8 out of the 11 beers they offer. Laterne is their flagship beer that contains mosaic and cascade hops with dry, fruity, and fresh bitterness.

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Dublin - Sláinte!

1. Guinness Storehouse

Hours: Daily from 10am - 5pm

There are 10 million pints of Guinness produced daily in Dublin. The Guinness Storehouse is home to five floors of history and the beer making process. You will receive a small glass, learn the proper way to taste beer, and discover the smell of hops and barley (smells like chocolate!). Once you reach the top floor of the museum, you can visit the Zero Gravity Bar, where you can enjoy your complimentary pint of Guinness while taking in an incredible view.

Tickets: starting from €22 (self-guided tour and 1 pint of Guinness)


2. Wicklow Wolf Brewery

Recommended Brew: Elevation Pale Ale

Wicklow Brewing is new on the Irish craft brew scene and opened its doors in 2014. Located just south of Dublin, this fledgling brewery is already turning heads. This flavorful and aromatic Pale Ale is bursting with fruity flavors typical of the Mosaic hop. Its light and hoppy flavor characteristics are very satisfying to the senses.

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3. Smithwick’s Brewery

Recommended Brew: Red Ale

Smithwick’s brand (founded by John Smithwick) originated in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1710 and ran until 1965 when it was bought by Guinness. This delicious red can be found on tap in most bars around Dublin. Its smooth, malty, and light flavor is quite refreshing.

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4. McGargles Rye River Brewing Company

Recommended Brew: McGargles Francis’ Big Bangin’ IPA

Brewed in a small town just west of Dublin, Big Bangin' IPA is a modern take on the US West Coast IPA style. In 2017, Rye River Brewing opened its doors to the public and hasn't looked back. If you visit in Kildare, they offer brewery tours to demonstrate how this tropical and hoppy drink is made.

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5. Murphy's Irish Stout

Everyone knows of the classic Guinness Draught, but what if you are looking for something a little different? Murphy's Irish Stout has slightly less ABV at 4.0% which is easy to drink with very little after taste. Murphy's has a long history of success dating back to 1856 in Cork, Ireland. You cannot go wrong with this creamy, smooth, and coffee flavored stout.

Edinburgh - Slàinte Mhath!

(Pronounced Slanj-a-va)

1. Brewdog

Recommended Brew: Elvis Juice (American IPA)

This American IPA cannot be overlooked. Elvis Juice is loaded with citrus flavor, specifically a orange and grapefruit combo, which packs a powerful flavor to delight the senses. Brewdog started in Ellon, Scotland (a couple of hours north from Edinburgh) in 2007 and now has grown to the scale of a multinational craft brewery due to rapid success among craft brew fans globally.


2. Pilot Beer

Recommended Brew: Mochaccino Stout (5.5% ABV)

A sweet milk stout that needs no introduction as the winner of Bow Bar's 2014 Dark Beer Challenge. This Mochaccino Stout is filled with rich flavor of coffee roast, cocoa, and a pinch of vanilla flavor. Pilot has a variety of satisfying craft beers brewed right in Edinburgh and located in bars all over the city.

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3. Campervan Brewery

Recommended Brew: Neon Blitz (Sour-4.3% ABV)

Neon is a blueberry Berliner Weisse, dry-hopped with the tropical & citrus Mosaic for the creations of a highly stimulating sour beer. Packed with a fresh blueberry flavor that is well balanced with a slight sourness, we highly recommended for any sour lovers out there.


4. Barney's Beer

Recommended Brew: Capital Porter (5% ABV)

You cannot go wrong with this easy-drinker Porter. Dark, malty, & rich with notes of dark chocolate and coffee. Barney's beer offers tours at a cost and boasts to be the the longest established, non-continuously operating brewery in Edinburgh.

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5. Stewart Brewing

Recommended Brew: Radical Road Pale Ale (6.4% ABV)

Easily drinkable Scottish hoppy ale with distinguishable taste of marmalade and grapefruit. Stewart Brewing is located just outside of Edinburgh in Loanhead. If time allows on your schedule we recommend stopping by!

Prague - Na Zdravi!

1. Strahov Monastery Brewery

Recommended Brew: Sv. Norbert IPA (American IPA 6.3% ABV)

An excellent top-fermented beer brewed with Amarillo and Cascade hops and local Czech ingredients. It is a full malt body with the perfect amount of bitterness combined with a hoppy aroma. We recommend skipping the tour and just going for the beer tasting experience.

2. U tří růže (At the Three Roses)

Recommended Brew: Vienna Red ( 6.2% ABV)

15th-century restaurant with six beers brewed on-site. This place is a must stop for a nice sit down meal to try the local cuisine and brews. We recommend their special red beer that is brewed from Viennese and caramel malt.

3. Hostivar Brewery

Recommended Brew: H-Ale 15 (American Pale Ale 6.3% ABV)

Nice place to grab a drink and a bite to eat at their outside beer garden. Hostivar is more popular with the locals and not as well known by tourists. H-Ale 15 is a top-fermented beer with a dark golden, cooper color that has an enticing citrus and flower aroma. A stronger craft brew that goes down easily.

4. Lod' Pivovar (Ship Brewery)

Recommended Brew: Monarchy 13 (Dark 5.5% ABV)

A unique experience where you can eat and drink on a floating brewpub! A great view of the river to watch the wildlife and boats pass by on the ship's deck. We recommend trying the Monarchy 13 for a tasty dark beer with a caramel and a slight bitter taste (not as sweet as a typical dark beer).


5. Plzeňský Prazdroj

Recommended Brew: Pilsner Urquell (Czech Pilsner 4.4% ABV)

This beer is not brewed in Prague and is from a macrobrewery with a history that dates back to 1842. However, this pilsner is a staple located in every Prague bar that you must have as a tourist at least once. A light and refreshing crisp drink. Don't be surprised if you see a few of the locals put down 3 or 4 of these in one sitting. Typically under $2 USD for a half liter!

Santorini & Athens - Ya Mas!

1. Noctua Brewery

Recommended Brew: Night Vision (Black IPA - 7.2% ABV)

When Noctua opened in 2016, it was the only microbrewery in Athens. Its founders dreamed of raising Athens’ craft beer scene to the level they had enjoyed worldwide. Noctua’s name derives from the owl of Athena, the city’s patron and the ancient goddess of wisdom. Night Vision is a full bodied dark IPA with a moderate bitterness that combines baked malts with a lot of hops.

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2. Strange Brew Taproom

Recommended Brew: Jasmine (IPA - 6.7% ABV)

Without many breweries downtown Athens at a walkable distance, what better way to try some local Greek craft beers then a fun tap house? Strange Brew Taproom has a number of unique Greek & European craft beers on tap (including their own) making it a one-stop shop for craft beer lovers! Jasmine is Strange Brew's flagship beer, a refreshing tropical taste with citrus flavors that will delight your senses.


3. Barley Cargo

Recommended Brew: Noble Men's Caldera Summer (Blonde Lager - 5% ABV)

There are many great craft beers in Greece that do no have a brewery to visit. Barley Cargo is a way you can support local brewers without having to leave the city limits. It houses over 350 different selections of beers, with over 140 selections from Greek Microbreweries. Here you can find beers from the brew masters a Noble Men, particularly their new blonde lager based off of the unique views at Santorini called Caldera Summer.

4. Santorini Brewing Company

Recommended Brew: Crazy Donkey (American IPA- 6.5% ABV)

SBC's beers are easily identifiable as the "Donkey" beers, named after the donkeys that travel to the village of Fira. The Crazy Donkey is loaded with hops that yields aromatic bitterness with a tropical start to a dry finish. A great brew to enjoy while relaxing on one of Santorini's beaches, this brewery can be visited Monday through Saturday from noon until 5pm.

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Vienna - Prost!

1. Beaver Brewing Company

Recommended Brew: Great Lakes (Pale Ale- 4.9% ABV)

David Beaver from Michigan opened the doors to his brewery in 2015. David wanted to share his love of craft brew and take it to the next level in Vienna. This pale ale is clean and sessionable with citrus and tropical fruit hop flavors. Beaver Brewing Company is an excellent place to stop and order a juicy burger as well.

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2. 1516 Brewing Company

Recommended Brew: 1516 Weisse (Hefeweizen- 5% ABV)

A cascade hopped wheat ale that will satisfy you on a hot summer Vienna day. We found a seat here on their spacious patio under the shade of an umbrella on a hot summer day. Their Hefeweizen is light and sweet with notes of banana.


3. Salm Bräu

Recommended Brew: Märzen (5% ABV)

Salm Bräu is a long-standing rustic venue with traditional wooden benches that serves its own beers and sizable home-style dishes. This Märzen is malty, smooth and clean. Märzen is the beer style that traditionally is served at Oktoberfest.

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4. 7 Stern Bräu

Recommended Brew: Prager Dunkles (Dark Lager- 4.5% ABV)

This black and creamy dark lager has roasted malts that give it a toasty, toffee taste with vanilla aromas. Excellent place to also try traditional Austrian food with a pleasant atmosphere that has plenty of seating options (including a Biergarten). Don't miss out!

Tip: sip a brew in their biergarten

5. Brew Age

Recommended Brew: Alphatier (New England IPA- 5.6% ABV)

A more recent brewing start up that has a bright future. Brew Age is turning heads in the Vienna craft brew scene. Our Vienna top beer picks isn't complete without this juicy, hazy, and smooth IPA. Alphatier is a silky, blonde beer with an enticing fruity fragrance.

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