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Rome, Italy: 10 Must Try Foods

Updated: Mar 29

Rome, Italy: 10 Must Try Foods

There is no question that Italy is a food-lovers' paradise. Does this make Rome the capital city of delicious food? We certainly came to think so during our time exploring the eateries, trattorias, and cafes of Rome. Below outlines the top 10 places you need to add to your list when visiting this foodie city!

1. Pizza Florida

Although the name makes it sound very American, Pizza Florida served some of the best pizza we tasted in Italy! With its unique flavors and incredibly friendly staff, you pay for your pizza by the weight. This allows you to try many different pizza options and keep coming back for more.

Tip: Pizza Florida is located across from one of our Hidden Gems of Rome!


2. Tonnarello

Tonnarello is an amazing pasta restaurant in the heart of Trastevere that is so popular that there are always lines wrapping through the streets. Eat inside or have an early dinner (3-6pm) and you will likely avoid the lines. Do not let the crowds scare you away from eating at Tonnarello, it is certainly worth the wait!

Try: the local favorites: Pesto alla Genovese, Cacio e Pepe, or Pasta Carbonara. Pair with a bottle of their house wine to share!

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3. Grano la Cucina di Traiano

This Italian street food restaurant is located right around the corner from the Trojan's Column and offers affordable pizza, pasta, and calzone meal deals for roughly €5. Enjoy a calzone and lemon soda on shaded steps while overlooking the Roman Forum. Grano la Cucina di Traiano is the perfect quick bite for a day full of adventures.


4. Trapizzino Trastevere

This restaurant is a wine bar with only two things on the menu, a variety of €4 Trapizzino (pizza-like wraps with freshly toasted crust), and €2 Suppli (the Roman answer to Arancini - Sicily's fried rice balls). We tried a variety of each, pairing with wine to make our sampling into a full meal. The Trapizzino and Suppli were some of the most unique and delicious Italian foods we experienced while in Italy.

Recommendation: Go inside and dine-in at one of their tables rather than ordering at the take-away window outside. You will be served much faster!

5. Suppli Roma

Suppli is the Roman answer to Arancini, which are fried rice balls originating from Sicily. We are not claiming suppli to be a healthy snack option... but they are oh, so good and only €2! Trying Suppli is the perfect time to coin the phrase, "when in Rome!"

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Rome, Italy: 10 Must Try Foods

6. Mammò Trastevere

As people who love a good, hearty breakfast to start the day, we were not finding the pastries at local cafe's (although certainly worth trying) to be enough substance to sustain us until lunch. It was very hard to find a place with breakfast sandwiches and/or hot breakfast until we found Mammo Trastevere. Not only do they serve delicious portions, but all of their ingredients are incredibly fresh and tasty.

Tip: If you are a fan of drip coffee, this was one of the only places we came across where it was served in addition to espresso.


7. Pastificio Guerra

With a history dating back to WWI, Pastificio Guerra has been serving up €4 pasta dishes day after day. A glass of wine or water is included in your meal when you eat at one of the stools along the wall.

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Rome, Italy: 10 Must Try Foods

8. 200 Gradi

Serving fresh and creative sandwiches for €5-8, 200 Gradi is located right outside Vatican City and is a convenient, affordable, and healthy place to stop for a quick bite throughout your travels. Their fresh vegetables, warm bread, and creamy cheese had us coming back to order a second sandwich before we left.

Rome, Italy: 10 Must Try Foods


9. Pompi Tiramisu

Pompi Tiramisu is the self-proclaimed "Kingdom of Tiramisu" and features €4 portions of flavors such as classic, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate-banana, and many more. Do not leave Rome without trying this classic Italian dessert, straight from the source.

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Rome, Italy: 10 Must Try Foods

10. Pastasciutta

This affordable pasta shop is located just outside of Piazza del Popolo. They offer a variety of €6 pasta dishes that are all made fresh in minutes. Located in such a popular area, you cannot beat it! Order take-away and enjoy your pasta in the Piazza del Popolo, or head up the stairs to eat with an incredible view at Terrazza del Pincio.

Try: Cacio e Pepe or Pasta Carbonara

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