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Maui, Hawaii: Top 7 Beaches

Updated: Jan 19

As you might imagine heading to a tropical island, there are many beaches on Maui! With incredible beaches on both the south side and west sides of Maui, this guide outlines the nicest beaches, calmest waters, & secluded hideaways you may want to consider.

1. Kapalua Bay Beach

Kapalua Bay Beach is located at the beginning of one of the top things to do in Maui, the Kapalua Coastal Trail. The calm waters and protected bay offer great conditions for both swimming and snorkeling.

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2. D.T. Fleming Park

From Kapalua Bay Beach, head north on the Kapalua Coastal Trail for a mile and a half and you will reach D.T. Fleming Park. D.T. Fleming Park is home to sea turtles, surf, and white-sand beaches. Walking here via the Kapalua Coastal Trail will take you right by Dragon's Teeth Access Trail, one of our recommended top things to do in Maui!

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3. Kaanapali Beach

Located in west Maui, Kaanapali Beach is arguably one of the nicest beaches on Maui. With white-sand beaches, walking paths along the shoreline, and mountainous views to gaze upon, Kaanapali Beach provides the ideal image of paradise.

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4. Black Rocks Beach

Black Rocks Beach is a beautiful beach located in west Maui (Lahaina). You can walk the beach from Kaanapali Beach to Black Rocks Beach, which provides calm waters in the protected bay. Under the right conditions, there can be good snorkeling around the rocks, but watch out for cliff divers!

Cliff Diving Ceremony: every night at sunset!


5. Wailea Beach

Located in south Maui, Wailea Beach access is located just past the Grand Wailea or along the Wailea Beach Path (one of the top things to do in Maui). Despite being surrounding by resorts, Wailea Beach is open to the public and free to access. Do not miss out the beach that is such a gem, numerous resorts have been built in such close proximity.

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6. Makena Beach & Little Beach

Makena Beach is an expansive beach stretching over two thirds of a mile long! This beach has many names as you head from south to north so do not be confused if you hear it called "Big Beach", "Little Beach" or "Makena". Scramble over the rocks at the very northern end of Big Beach/Makena and you will find yourself in the secluded Little Beach. There is paid parking at Makena State Park and free street parking closer to the southern end of the beach.

South of Makena Beach is the hidden gem, Makena Cove! Find via a secret access point in the stone wall along Makena Rd (which is a legal public access). This hidden cove is a popular place for weddings.


7. Kamaole Beach Park I & II

Located in south Maui, Kaanapali Beach is arguably one of the nicest beaches on Maui. Although it is hard to pick a favorite beach in Maui, this one ranks very highly on our list and was the beach we frequented the most. With life guards on duty, pavilions, powdery sand, and mountainous backdrops, Kamaole Beach leads to the perfect day in paradise. This beach is also located across the street from some of the top restaurants in Maui, providing easy access to a quick bite!

J&L Recommended: Hidden Gem!

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