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Belem Day Trip from Lisbon Portugal (Itinerary + Map)

Updated: Jan 19

Belém is a former royal residence, known for its 16th century architecture and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Among Belém's famous building and monuments are the Belém Tower, Padrão dos Descobrimentos, and Jerónimos Monestary. Belém is an easy half-day or full-day trip from Lisbon city center and is easily accessible via a 30 minute tram ride on the 15E.

Prefer a guided tour? Book a great tour of Belém here!

9:00am: Take the Tram from Lisbon to Belém

Getting to Belém from Lisbon is a quick and easy journey. Take the 15E tram from Praca do Comercio to Lg. Princesa (17 stops; 30 minutes). You can purchase single-trip tickets on the tram for €1.5, however, we recommend purchasing a 24-Hour CARRIS/Metro ticket for €6.45 (2022 pricing), which will allow you unlimited journeys on all CARRIS public transportation throughout Lisbon within 24 hours from its first use. These 24-hour tickets can be purchased in any metro station throughout Lisbon. We recommend purchasing in the Terreiro do Praco station for this journey.

Tickets: €6.45 / Person for 24-Hour Access (2022 pricing)

9:40 AM: Arrive at Careca Pastry Shop

Just an eight minute walk from the Lg. Princesa tram stop is the quaint pastry shop, Careca. This pastry shop is tucked away, yet always drawing a crowd due to its delicious croissants and espresso to pair. Serving croissants since 1954, Careca is the ideal place to stop for a morning breakfast in Belém.

Try: The Croissant, King Cake, Palmier, or Duchesse pastries.


10:15 AM: Head to the Belém Tower

Hours: Tue - Sun from 10am - 5:30pm [Closed Mon]

Roughly a 13 minute walk from Careca (6 minute walk from Lg. Princesa tram stop) is the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Torre de Belém. This medieval fortified tower sits along the Tagus River and was built in memory of Lisbon's Patron Saint, Saint Vincent. For a small entry fee, you can climb the narrow staircase of the Belém Tower leading to sublime views over Belém and the Tagus River.

Tickets: €6 / Adult (book your time slot in advance here!)

Directly in front of the Belém Tower is the Jardim da Torre de Belem, an expansive green space allowing those who have traveled near and far to gaze upon the Belém Tower and admire its beauty.

Prefer a guided tour? Book a recommended tour of Belém here!

icefield parkway map

11:45 AM: Padrão dos Descobrimentos

Walk ten minutes east along the Tagus River for delightful views of the coast that leads to another famous Belém monument, Padrão dos Descobrimentos. This monument was built in 1940 and celebrates early Portuguese explorers that helped make Portugal a powerful seafaring nation.

Tickets: €4 / Adult (allows entrance to the museum and viewing platform: 10am - 7pm in the summer months)

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12:00 PM: Walk to the town of Belém

From the Padrão dos Descobrimentos monument, it is a short 10 minute walk to the town of Belém. Head to Pão Pão Queijo Queijo (translated bread and cheese) for a phenomenal quick bite of shawarma or falafel served on their famous baguettes (also offered plated as a meal). There is usually a line out the door, but do not be discouraged. The line moves quickly and is well worth the wait!

Tasty Meal Deal: €10 (2022 pricing) for a baguette sandwich, fries and a drink (Hours 10am - 11:30pm)


12:45 PM: Taste the Famous Pastéis de Belém

Hours: 8:00am - 9:00pm

Head just a couple of doors down for dessert at the famous Pastéis de Belém! The Pasteles de Nata (custard tarts) here are the best in Lisbon, and arguably the very best in Portugal. However, they are called Pastéis de Belém rather than Pasteles de Nata due the artisan 1837 recipe acquired from the Jerónimos Monastery. Be sure to sprinkle your Pastéis de Belém with cinnamon and powdered sugar for the most mouthwatering experience.

J&L Tip: There will be two separate lines at Pastéis de Belém: a line for indoor seating and a line for take away. We found the take away line to be shorter and received our Pastéis de Belém in under five minutes!

1:00 PM: Jerónimos Monastery

Hours: Tue - Sat 10:00am - 5:00pm [Closed Monday]

Also located in the downtown area of Belém is the second UNESCO World Heritage Site in our Belém itinerary, Jerónimos Monastery. A true architectural beauty, Jerónimos Monastery is a Gothic monastery once populated by monks of the Order of St. Jerome. For four centuries the spiritual job of these monks was to comfort sailors and pray for the king's soul. Today, tourists flock to Jerónimos Monastery to witness its magnificent architecture, stunning cathedral, and educational museums.

Tickets: €10 / Adult (book tickets in advance to minimize wait times)


3:00 PM: LX Factory

Getting back to Lisbon is just as easy as getting to Belém. Hop on the Tram 15E headed east (Mosteiro Jerónimos) and get off at Pç. Comércio. The total journey is about 30 minutes.

However, we suggest getting off after about 8 minutes at Estação De Santo Amaro to experience one of the most unique parts of Lisbon, the LX Factory. The LX Factory is a compilation of local artisans, book shops, and restaurants which all form a large open-air market underneath the Ponte 25 Abril Bridge. This creative, industrial district is located in old factory buildings and has become a hip, trendy spot to grab some noms and brews.

J&L Tip: LX Factory is a true hidden gem of Lisbon!

While strolling through and admiring the local art, be sure to stop at Lisbon's coolest bookstore, Ler Devagar. This bi-level bookstore is worth walking into, if not to experience its quirky vibe, to purchase a book as a souvenir of your time in Lisbon.

With many tasty options to grab a bite to eat throughout the LX Factory, our sweet tooth led us straight to Landeau Chocolate. Their decadent chocolate cake is truly the best in town, so popular, they typically run out daily.

Ready for Happy Hour? Grab a drink on the rooftop of the LX Hostel for the best views in the area.


One Last Brew

Should time allow and if you are considering extending Happy Hour, you might want to head over to one of Lisbon's top-rated breweries, Quimera Brewpub (10 minute walk from the LX Factory). This brewery serves 12 beers on tap in a medieval setting including a Belgian Blonde Ale, American Dark Lager, and a few experimental brews. If you are getting hungry for dinner, Quimera also serves NY deli-style sandwiches made with beer-braised meats, as well as, homemade burgers.

Check Quimera's Drink Menu Here

After such an exciting day of history, architecture, and delectable foods, make your way back to Praça do Comércio via the 15E tram. A trip to Belém is a must when visiting Lisbon. Whether you chose to spend a full day exploring all that Belém has to offer, or a half-day seeing the top sites, Belém is a unique part of Lisbon that is certainly worth adding to your trip.

Prefer not to worry about logistics? Book a guided tour of Belém here!


Planning Your Trip

How do I get from Lisbon City to Belém?

Getting to Belém from Lisbon city center is a quick and easy journey. You can either take the public tram 15E, operated by CARRIS (metros, trams, and buses in Lisbon city center) or the faster train from Cais do Sodré, operated by Camboios de Portugal.

Should you chose to combine your day trip to Belém with a trip to the popular fishing town of Cascais, the train is your best means of transportation. We chose to take the 15E tram to Belém because it was included in our 24-hour CARRIS pass, which allowed us unlimited 24-hour use on downtown transportation, including the Tram 28 and Santa Justa Lift.

Round-Trip Details > Lisbon to Belém

(2022 Pricing)

Starting Station

Ending Station


​30 Minutes

Round-Trip Cost

​€3 for single-trips or ​€6.45 for 24-Hour Lisbon Access (2022 pricing)


CARRIS (buy on tram or in any Lisbon metro station)

Round-Trip Details > Lisbon to Cascais

(2022 Pricing)

Starting Station

Stop in Belém

Ending Station


​40 Minutes

Round-Trip Cost

​Lisbon to Belem Tickets: €1.35

Belem to Cascais Tickets: €2.30

Return Cascais to Lisbon Tickets: €2.30


Comboios de Portugal (buy online or at train station)

icefield parkway map

Can you walk to Belém from Lisbon?

There is a walking path along the waterfront from Lisbon to Belem, which takes roughly an hour and a half to complete one-way (4-miles). The path is marked and allows for changing scenery along the way, however, if your time in Lisbon is limited, you may consider taking the 15E Tram as the quicker option.

How much time do you need in Belém?

Belém is a very common day trip from Lisbon city center. Located only a 30-minute tram ride from the heart of Lisbon, some people even choose to find lodging in Belém rather than Lisbon to avoid the crowds. The public transportation is fast, reliable, and affordable, making it easy to get back and forth from the heart of Lisbon and Belém.


How much does Belém cost? (2022 pricing)

Below outlines our per-person expenses in Belém for the above itinerary:

​€6.45 / Adult

Breakfast Pastries & Coffee

€5 / Adult

Belém Tower Entry

€6 / Adult

Lunch in Belém

€10 / Adult

Pastéis de Belém

€1.10 / Adult

Jerónimos Monastery

€10 / Adult

Dinner and Happy Hour

€15 / Adult

Happy Adventuring!


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