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Best Coffee Shops in Michigan: 16 Places You Must Try

Updated: Apr 5

Best Coffee Shops in Michigan

Noms Brews & Views loves more than just craft brews, we also love coffee brews. There are so may incredible coffee shops in Michigan, all with high-quality beans and a passion for serving phenomenal coffee. Below lists our top 16 favorite coffee shops in Michigan, each with their own uniqueness. Taste the difference for yourself and add them to your bucket list of must-try coffee shops in Michigan.

Coffee Shops in Michigan

Best Eastern Michigan Coffee Shops

[Detroit, MI & Midwest]

With location all throughout the Midwest, Great Lakes Coffee got its start in Detroit and has the most locations throughout Michigan. Sourced from Brazil, Columbia, & Costa Rica, Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company has a rigorous sourcing process, working with farmers, co-ops, importers, & exporters in order to find the perfect beans for their batches. It does not stop there, Great Lakes Coffee Roasting brews their coffee to perfection whether pour-over, French press, cold brew, or Aeropress.

Learn more about their unique brewing process with their brew guides and taste for yourself at their many locations!

Best Coffee Shops in Michigan


[Lake Orion, MI]

With humble beginning and a strive for originality and inclusion, Shadrach, Meshach & ABeanToGo Coffee Roasters started in the owners hometown of Goodrich, MI. With great success selling their roasted beans wholesale to grocery stores, ABeanToGo began selling cups of coffee for retail and opened up a second location in Lake Orion, MI. The Lake Orion location is loved by the community, providing live music, private dinner parties, and a comfortable café environment. Their name comes from Daniel 3 in the Bible, a story of 3 men with perseverance, faith, and bravery.

Taste the originality behind ABeanToGo at either of their two Michigan location or by ordering online.

Best Coffee Shops in Michigan

[Plymouth, MI]

As the longest running independent coffee shop in Michigan, Plymouth Coffee Bean Co. knows how to make a great cup of coffee and sources their Arabica beans locally. Not just a coffee shop, Plymouth Coffee Bean also serves tea, entrees and sweets. They host a variety of events from open mic nights to art shows and live music.

Come for the excellent coffee and stay for the chill vibe of this eclectic coffee house in Plymouth.

Best Coffee Shops in Michigan

[Northville, MI]

The perfect place to sit, sip, and linger over a good cup of coffee. Red Dot Coffee Company is a family-owned business with high-quality coffee beans purchased through direct trade. Offering expresso drinks, nitro-brew, chai tea lattes, and smoothies, Red Dot's mission is to awaken everyone to the beauty of coffee, conversation, and companionship by offering delicious coffee in a cozy, historic Northville house.

Best Coffee Shops in Michigan


[Livonia, MI]

Two of our favorite things served in one location, coffee and ice cream! With delicious coffee and Wisconsin Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream, you are in for a real treat at Coffee + Cream. Enjoy one of their incredible lattes, mochas, or shakes, and you will find yourself staying from your morning coffee till your evening ice cream dessert. Coffee + Cream has incredible service, indoor and outdoor dining, and quaint décor that will make you feel as though you are dining at home. A relatively knew coffee shop located in Livonia, Coffee + Cream will soon be on all Michigan coffee lover's bucket list.

The perfect combination of coffee and ice cream!

[Brighton, MI]

A unique owner-operated coffee house in Brighton that also houses dramatic arts, cinema, musical arts, and crafts. Their coffee is sourced from small farms with eco-friendly and sustainable crops. Brewed daily, Brighton Coffee House & Theater's love of coffee is evident in every pour. Sip some coffee while enjoying some bakery items or lunch as you emerging yourself in the local arts culture of Brighton. A unique combination that sparks conversation and socializing with the community.

Their Coffee is sourced from small farms with eco-friendly and sustainable crops

[Ann Arbor, MI]

A staple Ann Arbor coffee joint with a West Coast vibe. Roos Roast is a great company, not only with delicious coffee, but with a commitment to helping the environment. Their roaster uses 80% less energy than typical roasters, their business operations run on solar energy, they have compostable cups & bags, and they have ethically sourced coffee. Roos Roast is a leader in the sustainable coffee industry and a business worth supporting if you care about great things like coffee and our planet!

Try the Lobster Butter or AA-Cowboy blends and you will not be disappointed.

Best Coffee Shops in Michigan


[Royal Oak, MI]

Locally owned and operated, Atomic Coffee specializes in smoothies, juices, coffee, and made-to-order food. Their coffee is roasted fresh each week with three types of blends: House Blend, Dark Roast, & Espresso Blend. They have a spacious dining area with is perfect for socializing, studying, or taking the time to enjoy their high-quality coffee.

[Detroit, MI]

Roasting Planet Coffee is a very unique experience in that you pick out your beans from a choice of eight specialty bean origins and watch them roasted in front of your eyes. Enjoy coffee as fresh as it gets, brewed specifically for you. The outcome is smooth, delicious, natural coffee roasted by Roasting Planet's state-of-the-art JavaBot. Order online or come in the shop for some of the best tasting coffee you've ever had.