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Vienna, Austria: Must Try Street Food and Cafés

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

There are two types of indulgences to know about in order to properly experience the tastes of Vienna; street food and café culture (or coffee house culture).

Coffee house culture dates back to the 17th century when coffee beans were left behind by the Turks after the Seige of Vienna. It has since grown into the culture it is today due to the desire of Viennese to escape their tiny/crowded flats and create an extension of their living rooms in these elegant coffee shops located on every corner.

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Café Culture

As we have mentioned, cafés are a huge part of the culture in Vienna. Viennese come to coffee shops to hang out, drink coffee, and eat snacks or pastries. One of the most renowned cafés is Café Central. It is a beautiful coffee shop that was frequented by many famous historical figures while they lived in Vienna.


The architecture of the building, attention to detail, ambiance, live piano playing, traditional coffee options, and delectable desserts are all reasons to stop by this classy café. You may have to wait for a table due to its popularity, however, we found it to be well worth the wait and enjoyed an apple strudel and iced coffee.

Another favorite was Café Demel where we enjoyed a delicious chocolate mouse cake. With less chance of being overcrowded compared to Café Central, Café Demel offers equally delicious pastries and coffee in a smaller, more intimate setting.